Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My son is growing up too fast!

My 9 year old just entered the 4th grade at a new school this year. He told me last night he now has a girlfriend. Now, mind you, he's had "girlfriends" all through school so far but this one made him blush when he talked about her last night. She even gave him her phone number.

I remember bits and pieces of my 4th grade year (at a new school too) and remember Friday nights at the skating rink and skating with boys on the slow skate. It made me realize my "baby" is not a baby anymore even though he is only 9 years old. It's all innocent enough for now but I'm sure I will wake up sooner than I think and he'll be through college and getting married.

Time flies by too quickly, cherish your children everyday. Someday they won't be there every morning looking for school books, lunch money and snacks.

Have a great day!

Christmas is in the air......

Did you know that there are only 120 days until Christmas? WOW, it will be here before we know it. I hear some stores are already displaying artificial trees and we haven't even entered the fall/winter season yet.

On that note, for all of us crafters, it's time to get started on those gifts that we so desperately want to make and get out on time. I never got to finish mine last year with a rush of custom orders last winter. Sounds like a Labor Day weekend project!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sun Moon Stars Rag Quilts

These are my latest creations using Sun, Moon and Stars prints from the Felicity Miller Astro Collection of fabrics. Great for any little stargazer. They are listed in my Etsy store with free shipping to any continental U.S. location.

Etsy vs Ebay - Close my eBay store or not

Ok, I am going to toss a coin in the next few weeks to decide if I shut down my eBay store.

I recently made PowerSeller on eBay, however, to keep a store full of inventory is costing me more and more every month with all the fee increases. Then on top of that, why have a store when you don't get hit in searches nearly as easy as having auctions, which then adds more expenses.

Hmph, decisions, decisions. I just don't know. Exposure is the key yet where do you draw the line to justify all the expenses. It's all cheaper than a brick and mortar store but as a part-time side business, I'm exhausting my profits to pay for fees these days it seems.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Etsy & eBay Sale

Hurry into both of my online stores for super savings! I am having a moving sale until 8/13/2008.

My relocation means great savings for you. I've got tons of auctions on eBay starting at $.99 for fabrics, yarns, etc.

Many items listed in my Etsy store have free shipping to any U.S. location.

Plus it's not too early to start Christmas/holiday shopping!