Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby Rag Quilts Sale on Etsy

I just reduced all of my ready to ship baby rag quilts on Etsy by 25%.

In light of the upcoming CPSIA changes, I'm afraid I won't be able offer my car seat rag quilts after Feb. 10.

Hurry while supplies last and before the new law becomes active.

I will still be making rag quilts, however, I will turn my focus to larger "adult" sized quilts.

Here are just a few of my items already listed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our puppy update

It's been awhile since I talked about the pups, Daisy and Lily. They are growing up and maturing pretty quickly. YAY!

Lily is our chewer and has attached herself to my hubby. Her first weekend, she chewed every corner of our coffee table and a shoe. However, if we are persistent at making sure she has her bone, she is fine.

Daisy is our digger and has dug escape routes under several parts of the fence. LOL She is like a torpedo too when she runs for them. Needless to say, poor Daisy is chained when outside. She is my baby though and doesn't like me paying any attention to Lily.

We have been letting them stay inside the house more often and even all night now. Since they are soooo huge and like to sleep on the bed, we put them in our bathroom with a gate up and everyone gets a good night sleep.

I am super excited that we can let them in the house now and not have to watch them like hawks every second. Sure makes life easier!

Oh, Daisy met Misty on the stairs. Misty is my persnickety cat with a major attitude. LOL The 100 lb dog is terrified of the 10 lb cat. It is pretty funny but I'd be afraid of that cat too - she is a pistol!

Iron Chef Thai Marinade

Ok, this has nothing to do with quilting, sewing or crafting but I just had to share.

We discovered this wonderful marinade at Ingle's last week; Iron Chef - Thai Sweet Pepper & Garlic Sauce

We used it for chicken stir fry. My dh marinaded the chicken for several hours but we also kept some to use after the meal was cooked for extra flavor and/or dipping sauce. My boys went back for plate 3 each and that is a rare thing at our house! We are going to have to stock up on this stuff for sure. We all LOVE Thai food but prefer to cook at home.

"Thai Sweet Pepper & Garlic is sweet but tangy with a distinct flavor and just a touch of heat. This exquisite sauce is ideal over chicken, seafood and vegetable dishes. It is also perfect for dipping spring rolls, dim sum, or fried chicken.

All Natural - No MSG

Ingredients: sugar, water, pickled red peppers, vinegar, modified food starch, salt, garlic, and spices. No preservatives or artificial coloring added."

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Online Venues - Where Do You Sell?

I'm just sitting here re-evaluating all the online venues available today for crafters and suppliers.

I originally started on eBay and was doing very well, even made Power Seller. Well, over the past 6 months or more, eBay seems to be fizzling out with all their fees, changes and restrictions. In return, I, along with many others, have shut our little red doors.

I have done decent over the past year on Etsy on my handcrafted items but not sold as much fabrics as I had on eBay. There is tons of traffic but at times I wonder if it is just other crafters seeking ideas. Not a problem though, that's how we all get inspiration. I love the fact that all the items are handcrafted and not mass produced.

I'm dabbling on Artfire and Bonanzle right now but not sure how those will pan out yet.

In the long run, is it better to just have your own site? Or does it depend on just good marketing regardless of where you sell?

I'd love to hear comments on your experiences.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Chutes & Ladders Charm Quilt

I started a quilt top tonight from a pack of Moda Chutes & Ladders charm packs. I have two packs that should make a decent sized quilt top once I add outside borders.

I don't have the top all sewn together yet but I do have a prelimanary layout I have pictured here. Once I sew the 2nd set of charms together, I may move some "squares" around.

Coffee Bean & Mugs Coasters

Here is a set of quilted coasters with coffee beans and coffee mugs.

I can't wait to use more of my Moda Bistro fabrics, they are such great warm colors.
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moda Bistro Cloth Coasters

Check out my latest set of coasters made from Moda's Bistro collection of fabrics. I have plenty more coming soon.

These are a great compliment to your morning or afternoon coffee breaks. Use them at home or take them to work for use at your desk. 

I like to make these coasters when I only have a short time allowed to sit at the sewing machine. It helps me feel like I have accomplished a project for the day. LOL
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lilac Butterfly and Flowers Baby Girl Rag Quilt Bassinet or Pack-N-Play Size

I finally got my latest quilt washed, dried and "defuzzed".

It is a lovely little lilac quilt made from the Moda Spring Meadows line of fabrics.

Make sure to check out my listing on Etsy for this adorable quilt.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scrappy Basketweave Quilt Block


I finally made my Oct 2008 block of the month for my online quilt group.

I was having trouble deciding on fabrics since I want to use all the blocks to make a quilt top, eventually.

I decided on scrappy dappy do and will use my white on white fabric on all the blocks as a background print to hopefully blend them all together.
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Sewing Setbacks

I had to work my first Saturday of tax season yesterday. I managed to get out by 3:00 and was SEW excited to get home that early. I had an entire evening of sewing planned......wellll, I sewed alright. BUT, everything I did for some reason was wrong somehow. Ever have those days? So now instead of finished projects, I have a pile of items to be torn apart and redone. LOL

I gave up around 7:00 and sat to knit instead, working on my Double Bump knit scarf. It's coming along nicely.

Today is a stay in and be creative sort of day here in the south.....cold and sleeting/raining.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sewing Notions

I will slowly be adding sewing notions from time to time to my Etsy shop.

I added a listing for 22 inch (55 cm) polyester all purpose zippers today.

It's a lot of 6 zippers; 5 different colors.

If you are interested in any of the zippers but don't want to buy all of them, just convo me from Etsy and I'd be happy to work with you and split the lot.

Thanks - hope to see you soon!

For handcrafted items, visit my other Etsy shop too.

Quilting Bug

Ok, I've been bit by the quilting bug at the worst time of year for me. We are getting swamped at work and will be working late hours and weekends soon. But I've got tons of plans and ideas just spinning in my head for quilts! It can't be tax time again! It just can't be!!

Besides making quilts and other items to sell - the goal is a minimum of 5 items per week during this crazed time; I have a personal to-do list:

SIL wedding gift quilt - cut out and almost ready to go

DH's quilt - got the fabric; does that count?

DS 1 quilt - got the fabric for that too

DS 2 quilt - he wants dinosaurs; gotta shop for that yet

and MY quilt - blocks are done; using swap blocks from my online quilt group; just need to cut batting and backing for my quilt-as-you-go project.

WOW, that sure does sound like lots to do.

Forgot to mention I also plan to take a class at end of January on how to knit socks; knit them both at once, this should be fun. ROFL

Let's see, I should be able to get to my family's quilts in July sometime. LOL

Monday, January 12, 2009

Spring Meadow Yellow Car Seat Rag Quilt


Here is one of my own designs for car seat rag quilts. I used Moda's Spring Meadow fabrics along with a yellow solid print with yellow flannel batting & backing.

The quilt measures approximately 25" x 35" - perfect size for infants to toddlers.

The quilt features a "hole" for the car seat and/or stroller straps so your child can't kick the quilt to the ground just to get lost or dirty.

I hope to have it listed in my Etsy shop later this evening.
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Spring Meadow Lilac Car Seat Rag Quilt


Here is one of my own designs for car seat rag quilts. I used Moda's Spring Meadow fabrics along with a white-on-white print with white flannel batting and lilac flannel backing.

The quilt measures approximately 25" x 35" - perfect size for infants to toddlers.

The quilt features a "hole" for the car seat and/or stroller straps so your child can't kick the quilt to the ground just to get lost or dirty.

I hope to have it listed in my Etsy shop later this evening.
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Friday, January 9, 2009

Double Bump Knit Scarf Project

Ok, I need another project like I need a hole in my head. But I do like to have portable projects to take with me to work, in the car, etc.

I have decided to try a pattern I found on MyJewelThief Knits blog. You can see a pic here of her scarves - these are NOT mine.

I just casted on a Double Bump Knit Scarf using a pretty red yarn made by Dark Horse Yarns - Fantasy - and a set of size 9 needles. The yarn calls for size 8 but I tend to knit tight.

I made it through 1 set of rows before lunch was over but no pics yet. Maybe I can get more done over the weekend in between sewing & quilting.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ribbon & Webbing Key Fobs


I am so excited to finally have the hardware to make these key fobs. I made four of them this evening and am very pleased with the outcome. I look forward to making more in between making quilts for those "instant gratification" moods. LOL

They are for sale in my Etsy and Artfire shops.
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Moda Bistro Pinwheel Rag Quilt - Preview

I decided to make my SIL a rag quilt for a wedding gift. They are not having a "traditional" sort of wedding. I had planned on an all white with an embroidered corner with their wedding date, etc. After talking and hearing how their home is decorated, I decided otherwise.

I have now decided to use these yummy reds & blacks from Moda's Bistro Layer Cakes. I am pinwheeling the blocks prior to ragging them. I can't wait to see the final quilt, these colors are so rich together. Makes you want to reach for that mug of coffee! LOL

I plan to work on the pinwheel blocks tonight and have preview pics of those soon.

Newest crochet "to-do" item

I decided I wanted to try using some of my inherited stash of crochet threads and those tiny hooks that scare me. LOL

I normally use worsted weight or thicker yarns but these tiny hooks and thread make such beautiful, elegant creations.

I went to Piccoladonna for assistance on project ideas. As always, she was more than helpful.

She suggested this Angel Bookmark. It is an absolutely perfect thing for me to try. I have a close friend who loves to read and her b-day is in February. If I can manage to get this done by then, I think it would be a perfect gift for her.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for my finished bookmark pics (all fingers crossed).

Classic Pooh Car Seat Rag Quilt in Blue Toile

Another car seat rag quilt measuring approx 25" x 30".

Features a "hole" for blanket to attach to car seat or stroller.

Examples of quilts in use can be seen in the photo stream on the top of my blog page.

Custom orders always welcome.

Classic Pooh Car Seat Rag Quilt in Blue

Baby boy Classic Pooh car seat rag quilt. The quilt features a "hole" for the straps so the blanket doesn't get lost or dirty from being kicked off.

It measures approx. 25" x 30".

You can see examples of the car seat quilt in my photostream on the top of my blog.

Custom orders are always welcome!

Classic Pooh Crib Rag Quilt in Pink

My latest crib sized quilt order...Classic Pooh with Piglet in pinks.

Measures approximately 30" x 50" - made raggie style.

Back is same fabric layout as front.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Etsy Anniversary

Today is my 1 year anniversary on Etsy. YAY!!! Although sales have been slow lately (seems to be the same for most others I talk to) I have done pretty well this past year.

I am very happy to be part of I have met some really great people and even bought a few things myself. :-)

I have tried to branch out and make a variety of handcrafted items for my store. It helps to keep motivated and the creativity flowing. If I could get all the ideas in my head onto fabric, I'd be a full time factory. LOL

Here's hoping for another yet more successful year.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pink Alpaca Petite Popcorn Handwarmers

I made these handwarmers using a crochet petite popcorn stitch. They are a gift for a very good friend.

I used Bernat Alpaca yarn purchased from Michaels. They were super easy to make; even without a pattern.

I sure hope she likes them. I also made them a little longer than I usually do to make sure her arms stay warm under her coat sleeves.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello Kitty/Barcode Kitty Crayon Tote

Here is my 2nd crayon tote for a toddler girl. I found a Hello Kitty coloring book and had some Barcode Kitty fabric on hand. Kitties and kitties all mix well, right?!

I made the crayon pockets a bit taller on this bag and sewed the straps "inside" the bag before turning out and finishing edge.

Now onto Batman.....

Spiderman Crayon Bag/Tote

This is my first attempt at a crayon tote and without a pattern. I'm pretty pleased with it and I'm sure the little boy that is receiving it as a gift will just love it.

The coloring book fits perfectly inside, I have it pulled out for the picture. The crayons fit too, what more can I ask for, right?!

Now off to finish 2 others for his siblings; a Hello Kitty and a Batman.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Moda Charms Quilted Coasters in Golds

WOW, what a productive & creative 2009 so far.

Here is a set of quilted coasters I made from a set of Moda charms from the Summer's Basket of Flowers collection.

I also added an extra layer of flannel for 2 absorbent layers on this set and then quilted them with an "X".

They are mix-n-match for your friends & family to remember which glass belongs to them. They are also reversible with a different print on the back of each.

Valentine Gift Card Holders - Mini Wallets

Just finished another print of smaller all over hearts for a really cute gift card holder / mini wallet.

I use one myself to hold my license, bank card, cash, etc.

I'll be listing them soon in my Etsy shop.

Valentine Gift Card Holders - Mini Wallets

Another round of gift card holders in a cute Valentine print. These are great to gift as a gift with a gift card. They can be re-used as a mini wallet or pouch.

Will be listed for sale soon! More prints coming too.

Crocheted Handwarmers for Kids

Here are the 3 sets of handwarmers I made for 3 sisters as Christmas gifts.

The white pair are "ribbed" for the 9 year-old "tom-boy".

The pink are petite popcorn for the 7 year-old "princess".

The multi-colored are for the toddler who wants to be just like her big sisters.

FREE SHIPPING on Etsy Purchases from 1/2/09 to 1/5/09

It's not only my b-day but it's almost my 1 year anniversary on Etsy.

So my gift to you is free shipping from either of my stores.

I have quilts, purses, wallets, coasters and more in

I also have fabrics at

Hope to see you soon!

FREE SHIPPING on everything through Jan. 5, 2009.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pooh & Pinwheels Quilt Top

I finished my Classic Pooh and Pinwheels quilt top today. I just need to cut the backing and batting and start the quilting process.

I am machine quilting and using 3 layers of flannel for batting on this quilt so I think it should be fairly quick.

2nd Completed Project for 2009 - Sewing Pouch

This is a sewing pouch made from a fat quarter piece of fabric in cute spools of thread. It measures about 10" wide and is 6.25" tall. Lots of room for sewing tools, notions and more.

Also good for a cosmetic bag or craft pouch for any sewing gal. I will be listing it soon in my Etsy or Artfire shops.

First sewing project of 2009 - Jelly Roll Pouch

Here is my first project for 2009; started and finished on 1/1/09.

It is a cosmetic or craft pouch made from jelly roll strips. I might keep this one for myself, I'm undecided yet.

It measures 8.5" tall and 7.5" wide with a 1.75" base.