Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My 90 year old Grandmother.....

My one and only living grandparent, my dad's mom, is a very special lady. She introduced me to sewing at a very young age and I just fell in love with it. She raised 4 boys and was married to the same man for 46 years before his passing in 1991. I had the privelege of living next door to them for about 6 years as a child and it tore us all apart when we relocated to south FL from SW PA.

I have been back to visit; most recently in Aug. 2007. I wanted my boys to meet her and remember her. They had met her once before but the oldest was only 2 and the youngest a newborn. She was so tickled when my 2 year old just ran and jumped into her arms without ever meeting her before. She is just that kind of person, you can't help but fall in love with her the minute you meet her.

Well, I just received word from my dad that she has been hospitalized with congestive heart failure. It appears only 40% of her heart was working when they admitted her. The doctors are discussing surgery to open the veins up but with her age and minor health issues it is very risky.

I pray that they make the right decision for her. As hard as it is to face, I have a feeling she will opt out of the surgery.

I will be back to update as things progress.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Breast Cancer Charity Quilt

I am co-leader of a group on eBay called Quilter's Corner. It is a small group of very talented quilters from all over the world, literally.

This morning I read a post discussing a charity rag quilt in honor of my late mother, Beverly Gregory. I have to honestly say it was a total surprise and just about brought tears to my eyes. I can't say enough to each and every one of these ladies for their support and encouragement every day. We all have our life struggles but this group of ladies take time out to send a kind word, advice, and more.

I can't thank them enough. Please watch my blog for updates on what is sure to be a lovely charity quilt.

My weekend sewing woe's

Well, if you've read back, you can see my "yarning" was not productive over the weekend.

Let me just say, my ENTIRE weekend had crafting issues. Ever have those days?

Saturday, my trusty Brother sewing machine decided to only stitch in teeny tiny stitches when I really needed a basting stitch. So I swithched projects for use of the teeny tiny stitches (you know the ones that there is NO WAY you could rip out if your life depended on it). I took the entire machine apart and gave it a little "bath" and defuzzing. Still no luck. To top it off, I had run out of the color thread I needed and no more to be found in my huge stash of threads. So off to another project.

By Sunday, night I am VERY frustrated that nothing is 100% completed. Well, then my light bulb went off. I had bought myself a used sewing table last Christmas as a gift to myself. Just my luck, it had an old Kenmore machine still attached inside. While I played with it a few times, I only used my Brother machine regularly. Well, I decided to put the newer machine on the floor and open up the dinosaur, work horse of a machine last night. I gave it a light dusting and defuzzing as well and VOILA it became my life line!!!! It hummed so quietly and ran through my fabrics like a hot knife through butter.

Despite a few minor tension problems that were fixed quickly, I managed to complete four, yes FOUR, of my struggling sewing projects last night. I was SEW excited I just couldn't stop sewing. I just can't wait to get home tonight and "play" some more. I've got about 11 more quilts picked out and 75% ready to start stitching. Just need to cut the batting.

I'm sending my "new" old machine to a friend in 2 weeks for a deep down cleaning/massage; spa time for the old gal so she'll keep my work flowing. Maybe I should do the same for me. We are about the same age! LOL

Stay tuned for pics of all the finished projects.

Mock Cable Wool Scarf Update

Well, I decided I didn't like the scarf and tore it apart. Back to the drawing board. :D

I started another pattern twice and decided it was time to quilt again for awhile. Knitting just wasn't in my "stars" this past weekend. LOL

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday = Quilting Day - Yahoooo!

Today I am putting down my crochet hooks and knitting needles to complete 3 or 4 raggie projects today. That's my goal anyway. It's cool and raining out, dh is fishing, boys have the entire house to run around and control of the tv if they choose. LOL

I might even skip out on some of the house cleaning this a.m. - the boys will destroy anything I clean today anyway since they are stuck indoors.

Ok better get off this machine and onto the other. Maybe I'll have pics to show later tonight or tomorrow.

Mock Cable Wool Knit Scarf

I started my first mock cable knit scarf last night - 3 times. LOL

I'm not sure if it's the thick chunky wool yarn that is taking away from the cable appearance or if it's just the stitch itself. I'll keep "yarning" away to see if starts to look any better. (sigh)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lacy Knit Baby Afghan Update

I finally added what I hope is my last skein of yarn to finish this baby afghan. I'm not an experienced knitter and this is my first circular needle project but the pattern is super easy - only 4 pattern rows; 2 are the same, 1 knit all, 1 purl all. If I can do it, anyone can.

I hope to get an updated photo this weekend to share - it is much further along than shown here.

Here is a link to the pattern:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moda Heart Baby Girl Rag Quilt Update

My Moda Heart quilt is done - yeah! It came out so cute. Perfect for any new baby girl, toddler, preemie, Reborn, or baby doll.

The back is different from the front so it's fully reversible.

This quilt measures approximately 35" x 35" so it's very portable and useful all in one.

Visit my eBay store and bid today - it won't be priced this low again!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NEW Tart & Candle Warmers are back - great gift items!

It's only 92 days until Christmas 2008. Where did the year go?
It's also time to bring back our very popular candle warmers for the winter/holiday season. They make perfect gifts and come in a variety of solid colors this year as well as some prints.

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Our candle warmers are a safe alternative to burning candles. There is no flame, soot or smoke. Just place a standard jar candle on the warming plate, plug the candle warmer in and enjoy the fresh, crisp scent of a burning candle without ever lighting a match.

This 2 in 1 candle and tart warmer is made of quality ceramic and it just wipes clean. You can also use the included tart dish to warm a wax tart. It will heat the wax to release the aroma, infusing your home with the fragrance instantly.

There is an easy to use on/off switch and light indicator. Our candle warmers use 24 watts of power.

Visit our eBay store to see our full line of candle warmers and other lovely gift items; including handcrafted items. Inventory changes frequently so come back often!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moda Heart to Heart Baby Quilt

I finally did it, I cut into my Moda fabric stash. Whew, that was tough! LOL Moda has such beautiful prints it's so hard to take a cutter to them.

I made a baby girl rag quilt last night using Moda's Heart to Heart II prints - they are fun, bright & sure to cheer up any baby.

The slideshow is a sneak peek of the fabrics I used - the quilt is being clipped today so I hope to have an update with photos soon.

It will be listed for sale too in one of my stores - not sure which yet.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Girl Crib Size Rag Quilt

Here is another completed crib size rag quilt. It features 3 coordinating prints in 100% cotton and is just adorable.

This lovely quilt is for sale on auction in my eBay store this week only.

Free shipping with the Buy It Now Price to any continental U.S. location.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts!!!

Wow, with the cooler breezes, business has picked up overnight, literally. I sold 4 quilts this week alone after not selling ANY for months. I also have 3 other orders in the fine tuning stages. Wish me luck!

I plan to spend most of my weekend quilting away and even attempt an I Spy quilt - they are just too cute and I remember playing I Spy with my boys as babies. It's a great way for them to learn recognition and memory skills. They are 7 & 9 now and we STILL play I Spy at times.

Have a great weekend! Hopefully I'll have some finished projects to share very soon!

My lastest crochet project

I found a really cute pattern for a baby doll blanket using an "X" stitch. The pattern is shown in plain white but I am using Red Heart Soft Baby in Frolic - it's a pastel rainbow blend and is working up so cute in this stitch.

I think I have to start over since the original chain stitch is not working for me and I might have to adjust but I'll figure it out.

I am going to make it as a baby doll and/or preemie blanket and with the 1 skein of yarn, I'll have enough to make 2 with left over scraps. Maybe for a set of matching booties? Not sure yet.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our newest family member.....meow

Sadly, last Monday, we lost our beloved 16 year old cat, Hobbes (above). He was a rescued newborn in Aug. 1992. However, there was a new tiny kitty sent our way just days before his passing. She is just too cute for words. The boys have named her Patches - you can see why in the photo. She's a little mix of black, white & gold....being born in Pittsburgh, I say "Go Steelers" kitty. LOL

She has already stolen our hearts and we hope to have her for a long time. We originally thought of her being an outside cat, but we suspect she may be deaf...poor kitty. She has already litter box trained herself so looks like she's indoors for good.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Easy One Skein Knit Scarf

I just finished an easy one skein knit scarf. I've very pleased with the results. I improvised the pattern but it's super easy.

I used Rowan Big Wool Fusion yarn purchased from http://www.smileysyarns.com/ and used size 13 knitting needles.

Cast on 12 stitches
Row 1 - knit all
Row 2 - knit all
Row 3 - knit 1 , * yo, k2t *(*5 times), k last stitch
Repeat to desired length and knit last 2 rows and cast off

Good luck - hope you enjoy this pattern!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reborn Baby Blue Pooh & Minky Rag Quilt

Well, I just finished and sold my first quilt using minky dot fabric for a Reborn doll. It is just too cute and the photos just don't give it justice.

The minky was not as hard to work with as I expected. It is a polyester and did want to stretch but I used my walking foot and it helped with that issue quite a bit.

I am rather pleased with the results and the buyer was even more pleased so it was a win/win situation. :D

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quiltsy Block Swap

Well, I have finished my 6" blocks for a block swap with my Quiltsy group on Etsy. YEAH! I can't wait to see everyone else's blocks - we chose blue/green color scheme.

It's been awhile since I've done any traditional blocks but I think they came out pretty good.