Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My son is growing up too fast!

My 9 year old just entered the 4th grade at a new school this year. He told me last night he now has a girlfriend. Now, mind you, he's had "girlfriends" all through school so far but this one made him blush when he talked about her last night. She even gave him her phone number.

I remember bits and pieces of my 4th grade year (at a new school too) and remember Friday nights at the skating rink and skating with boys on the slow skate. It made me realize my "baby" is not a baby anymore even though he is only 9 years old. It's all innocent enough for now but I'm sure I will wake up sooner than I think and he'll be through college and getting married.

Time flies by too quickly, cherish your children everyday. Someday they won't be there every morning looking for school books, lunch money and snacks.

Have a great day!

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FabricsNQuilts said...

My school memories really start in the 4th grade too. Mr. Richardson..that was my teacher. I remember missing the bus home once & while I waited, we counted money from the vending machines & he rolled it up...funny what you remember!

trading phone numbers already...time for the kids line!

This age is when all the fun quotes come that you will remember the rest of your life & he never will. Like you said...enjoy it!