Friday, April 3, 2009

My Little Man & His Specs

Welcome all my new followers. I am usually much more chatty than I've been lately but I'm super busy at work this time of year....right about now, really disliking taxes. LOL I will get back to craft blogging VERY soon.

We recently discovered our oldest needed glasses, could explain his struggling this year in school. We got a GREAT deal at America's Best. We were able to make our appointment online and get a login to keep track of our history for him.

We visited the Greenville, SC location and had a wonderful experience. They were absolutely great to deal with from beginning to end. He had a FULL eye exam including one for genetic disorders which they say only ever needs to be done once. With 4 different exams, 2 pair of glasses (with scratch resistant lenses) and FREE replacement insurance, our total cost was $104. That might sound like alot but even Wal-Mart was $89 just for the exam.

Here's a pic of our little man in his new hip glasses. :-)


Fiber Deviant said...

i think he looks very handsome in his new specs!

sewmeow said...

Wow! He's a handsome young man. I bet the girls are chasing him now!

Lisa's-Creations said...

Teri~he looks good in those glasses and best of all can see clear again!! :)

Jackie said...

What a cutie?! His glasses suit him perfectly!

cabin + cub said...

they look great! reminds me i should updated my glasses soon!