Thursday, June 18, 2009

Operation Showers of Appreciation Charity Request

I was approached several months ago to participate in donating items to Operation Showers of Appreciation.

OSOA is "A volunteer based organization that assists active duty and active duty reserve military and their families expecting babies. OSOA honors these families for the many sacrifices they have made in a unique way by providing baby items and hosting large scale baby showers in their honor."

I have two different items I'd like to contribute but need your help. I'd like to send some items for the new babies along with some items for the new mothers as well. Don't all new mothers deserve a little something too?

For baby, I am collecting yardage and/or 6" flannel squares in solids and baby prints for newborn rag quilts & receiving blankets. Each quilt requires approximately 1.5 yards of flannel.

For mothers, I am collecting 100% cotton yarn for handcrafted "spa" items for a little much needed pampering. If there are any crocheters or knitters who are willing to help make these items and send them to me for the care packages, I would really appreciate it.

Everyone who donates will be mentioned for their contributions. Thanks so much for your generosity in assisting our troops; let's help their support group, their families here on the home front waiting for them to come home safely.

Please contact me directly at for more information or questions. Mention OSOA in the title, I might miss you if it hits my spam folder.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your support. This is such a great honor to us when our community reaches out to our military families to show their appreciations. Our showers are just one way we help. Being a military family, I thank you on behalf of not only Operation Showers of Appreciation, but for all our military families.

Kimberly Felshaw
OSOA Founder