Saturday, October 17, 2009

My "New" Sewing Machine

This blog post is long overdue. This is the very first sewing machine I ever used as a young girl for a Home Ec project. Probably no one under my generation even knows what Home Ec is and I'm still 30-something.

I am lucky enough to now have this wonderful keepsake, especially since I still enjoy sewing. What makes this machine so special you ask? This machine belonged to my beloved Grandmother. She was kind enough to pass it onto me this past summer. She bought it brand new in 1950. Her very first sewing machine! After all these years she still purrs like a kitten. Mind you, it doesn't have any fancy stitching or computerized gadgets but it works like a dream none the less. If you look closely, it does not have a foot pedal but a KNEE pedal to sew. I wish newer machines had this feature. It can't get away from you like a foot pedal. :-)

I hope you enjoy seeing these old pics as much as I enjoy having this machine in my possession. It brings back fond memories of sewing with my Grandmother all those years ago.
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Berry Blue Creations Handmade Items said...

Congratulations! Many happy years for you and your "new" machine. My Mother still has the ancient Singer machine her grandmother gave her. It also purrs like a kitten.