Friday, November 6, 2009

Crochet Cell Phone Case

While watching some tv tonight, I tried something and whipped up this little cell phone case. It doubles as a cute reusable gift card holder too.

The thought came about after I dropped my brand new phone not once, but three times in my driveway and now it has some nice little scratches and dings in it.

It measures approximately 2.5" x 3.75" and fits an LG cell phone or credit cards, drivers license, etc. nicely.

I will be listing these soon on my site for sale and they are available in just about any color. Just contact me for custom orders and color choice.
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FabricsNQuilts said...

Very cool idea! does it fasten or have an open end for easy in/out?

Love the color of this one!

Donna Harris said...

Great idea of cell phone. Crochet Cell Phone Case is my favorite case. It measures approximately 2.5" x 3.75" and I love this color of case. I will be searching for more of this. This is good for sale.