Monday, March 22, 2010

Knitting Tip of the Day - Straight Needle Storage

"Storing straight knitting needles in a vase looks pretty and they never get lost this way."

-- Kelly Promnitz --

I do something similar but not with a pretty vase. I use a tall coffee mug & it sits right on the back of my Grandmother's old Kenmore sewing machine cabinet in the dining room. My cat (and children) tend to knock things over and I've found that my coffee mug (I don't drink coffee anyway) is a little more durable than a pretty glass vase. Although I'm sure any household that is cat free would have a beautiful display of colorful straight needles in a vase.

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foxygknits said...

I store mine in a wine carrier. Some of the needles are longer than the carrier is high, so it sits open on the floor next to the chair in which I knit. I have even purchased them for gifts for other knitters.