Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quilting Tip: Prevent Ruler from Slipping

I stumbled across this tip while browing the internet and thought it a great & affordable way to prevent your rulers from slipping. I know we have fine sandpaper in the garage all the time.

"Glue small pieces of sandpaper on the backs of your rulers to keep them from slipping on the fabric when rotary cutting." - Marti in Mexico


marci said...

They also sell little sticky sand paper circles in some stores. I found them at the quilt shop across the street from my house. I am always so worried about my ruler slipping when I use my rotary cutter but the sandpaper really holds them in place well.

Jackie said...

I really do not like slippery rulers. Most of mine have grip spots on them but not all. This is a great tip!