Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Christmas Wreath - Free Pattern

Christmas Wreath

Here's a Christmas Wreath that even the kids can help make. With Halloween & Thanksgiving coming up soon, this would be great in warm fall colors too.

Aunt Lydia's Craft and Rug Yarn: 3 skeins each of White, Red and Christmas Green,
1 - 14" Styrofoam ring,
30 pieces of 18" floral wire;
1 firm corrugated cardboard, at least 3" x 3".

Cut floral wire into fourths (120 pieces). Make sure firm cardboard is cut into a 3" x 3" piece.

Wind yarn around 3-inch cardboard 20 times (complete winds). Remove from coardboard. Place floral wire aorund the center of the bow and twist together firmly. Make 40 each of White, Red and Green.

Push bows into foam ring in sections of 5 White, 5 Red, 5 Green at an angle to give it a swirl effect. Make sure bows cover the top, front, and inside of foam ring. Repeat the process until the ring is full (24 sections).

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