Monday, September 29, 2008

My weekend sewing woe's

Well, if you've read back, you can see my "yarning" was not productive over the weekend.

Let me just say, my ENTIRE weekend had crafting issues. Ever have those days?

Saturday, my trusty Brother sewing machine decided to only stitch in teeny tiny stitches when I really needed a basting stitch. So I swithched projects for use of the teeny tiny stitches (you know the ones that there is NO WAY you could rip out if your life depended on it). I took the entire machine apart and gave it a little "bath" and defuzzing. Still no luck. To top it off, I had run out of the color thread I needed and no more to be found in my huge stash of threads. So off to another project.

By Sunday, night I am VERY frustrated that nothing is 100% completed. Well, then my light bulb went off. I had bought myself a used sewing table last Christmas as a gift to myself. Just my luck, it had an old Kenmore machine still attached inside. While I played with it a few times, I only used my Brother machine regularly. Well, I decided to put the newer machine on the floor and open up the dinosaur, work horse of a machine last night. I gave it a light dusting and defuzzing as well and VOILA it became my life line!!!! It hummed so quietly and ran through my fabrics like a hot knife through butter.

Despite a few minor tension problems that were fixed quickly, I managed to complete four, yes FOUR, of my struggling sewing projects last night. I was SEW excited I just couldn't stop sewing. I just can't wait to get home tonight and "play" some more. I've got about 11 more quilts picked out and 75% ready to start stitching. Just need to cut the batting.

I'm sending my "new" old machine to a friend in 2 weeks for a deep down cleaning/massage; spa time for the old gal so she'll keep my work flowing. Maybe I should do the same for me. We are about the same age! LOL

Stay tuned for pics of all the finished projects.


Fiber Deviant said...

woo hoo!
so glad that you were able to solve most of your crafting woes!

dont you just love it when you remember something like that?

wow... sounds like you ended up having a very productive weekend!

FabricsNQuilts said...

my goodness! Just shows that all us old girls have life left in us! Day at the spa....ahhhh that sounds nice!