Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our newest family member.....meow

Sadly, last Monday, we lost our beloved 16 year old cat, Hobbes (above). He was a rescued newborn in Aug. 1992. However, there was a new tiny kitty sent our way just days before his passing. She is just too cute for words. The boys have named her Patches - you can see why in the photo. She's a little mix of black, white & gold....being born in Pittsburgh, I say "Go Steelers" kitty. LOL

She has already stolen our hearts and we hope to have her for a long time. We originally thought of her being an outside cat, but we suspect she may be deaf...poor kitty. She has already litter box trained herself so looks like she's indoors for good.


nancy huggins said...

There is nothing so heart warming than taking care of a pet..especially if they have special needs. I admire you for that and that is the cutest kitten ever (even cuter than mine) but I still love my Pickles (she is kind of bratty) and my sweet little Anndarie who gets up in my bed every night as soon as my head hits the pillow. She hangs around for a few min and then back to the couch or her basket.There is nothing more loyal and loving than a pet (cat or dog)
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love2ragquilt said...

What a beautiful Calico. She is lucky she found you and that you found her.