Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well...it's over (for now)

After what was supposed to be a clearance sale in my eBay store, turned out to be a store closing. I had an exciting sale this a.m. that would have cleared me out and made room for all new inventory just to have the buyer decide they didn't want it. Of course, it ended my items and rather than relist every single item, I decided it was time to save some $$$ and close down for awhile.

You can still find me on Etsy as RagamuffinQuilts or RagamuffinFabrics.

With all the latest eBay changes and the ever increasing fees, it was bound to happen somday so today seemed like a good one. I will still have items listed for auction or fixed pricing - I just won't have a full line of inventory as I had in the past.

I truly appreciate all of my loyal customers and hope they can find me elsewhere on the net.


Fiber Deviant said...

what a bummer... that really sucks.

so even if the buyer defaults... you have to pay relisting fees? that hardly seems fair...

that wasnt your washcloth order was it?


i am hoping one of these days to make it back to a yo-c meeting! wednesdays just havent been cooperative lately! lol

FabricsNQuilts said...

I've said it before & say it again....eBay really sucks these days. And the buyer has no loss or responsibility in the situation...you can't even leave bad feedback, oh but she can burn you...what a load of...*jumping off the soapbox*

It is such a relief that there are online sites in competition with ebay now that specifically cater to your market!