Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Knit Wrist Warmer Pattern Generator

I have been searching for a knit pattern for wrist warmers/fingerless gloves to fit children.

I can crochet like the wind but really want to try a knit-in-the-round pattern for some quick Christmas gifts.

I was finding it terribly difficult to guesstimate and modify patterns and making my warmers the correct size.

WELLLLL, I stumbled across this WONDERFUL Wrist Warmer Pattern Generator courtesy of Knitting News Cast.

Simply enter your wrist circumference, desired length, gauge (stitches per inch), and your needle size. Click on generate pattern and VOILA you have a custom pattern to fit the hand it's intended to fit.

I will test this theory out tonight for my youngest son. He wants a gray pair to match his red/gray/white coat and has already picked out the yarn. If all goes well, I'll have 4 more pair to make before Christmas for all the kids on my list.

Wish me luck and go try it out - I bookmarked this one for keeps!

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