Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quilting Bug

Ok, I've been bit by the quilting bug at the worst time of year for me. We are getting swamped at work and will be working late hours and weekends soon. But I've got tons of plans and ideas just spinning in my head for quilts! It can't be tax time again! It just can't be!!

Besides making quilts and other items to sell - the goal is a minimum of 5 items per week during this crazed time; I have a personal to-do list:

SIL wedding gift quilt - cut out and almost ready to go

DH's quilt - got the fabric; does that count?

DS 1 quilt - got the fabric for that too

DS 2 quilt - he wants dinosaurs; gotta shop for that yet

and MY quilt - blocks are done; using swap blocks from my online quilt group; just need to cut batting and backing for my quilt-as-you-go project.

WOW, that sure does sound like lots to do.

Forgot to mention I also plan to take a class at end of January on how to knit socks; knit them both at once, this should be fun. ROFL

Let's see, I should be able to get to my family's quilts in July sometime. LOL

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