Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our puppy update

It's been awhile since I talked about the pups, Daisy and Lily. They are growing up and maturing pretty quickly. YAY!

Lily is our chewer and has attached herself to my hubby. Her first weekend, she chewed every corner of our coffee table and a shoe. However, if we are persistent at making sure she has her bone, she is fine.

Daisy is our digger and has dug escape routes under several parts of the fence. LOL She is like a torpedo too when she runs for them. Needless to say, poor Daisy is chained when outside. She is my baby though and doesn't like me paying any attention to Lily.

We have been letting them stay inside the house more often and even all night now. Since they are soooo huge and like to sleep on the bed, we put them in our bathroom with a gate up and everyone gets a good night sleep.

I am super excited that we can let them in the house now and not have to watch them like hawks every second. Sure makes life easier!

Oh, Daisy met Misty on the stairs. Misty is my persnickety cat with a major attitude. LOL The 100 lb dog is terrified of the 10 lb cat. It is pretty funny but I'd be afraid of that cat too - she is a pistol!


Bebesboutique said...

Omgosh! I did not relize the pups you were talking about were great pyrenees. They will turn into monsters! lol I raised show goats and later had 300 head of milking goats. We had problems with wild dogs and cyotes. Our boarder collies were great for herding but not for protection. I really really looked into getting a couple of great pyrenees, one of the few breeds of herd protecters that make good family dogs too.
They are beautiful!

Fiber Deviant said...

the doggies are so cute ... love the updates!

cats never let a dog's size bother them! lol