Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dryer Sheet Applique Techniques and Tips

Wow, what a great way to "recycle" used dryer sheets! I can't begin to count how many dryer sheets we use weekly so I might try this technique on a few things I wanted to applique. Has anyone tried this? I'm sure all of our readers would like to hear your input too. :-)

Dryer Sheet Applique Techniques and Tips courtesy of Quilt Lovers Guide.

Dryer Sheet Applique is one of the better applique techniques for appliquéing small leaves and flowers.

On the back of your leaf fabric, draw your leaf. Place a “used” dryer sheet (there is too much fabric softener and scent in an unused one, making it stiffer) right sides together with the leaf fabric and sew along your drawn line.

Trim to about 1/8-1/4 inch seam allowance. Make a slit in the dryer sheet only, thus enabling you to turn the leaf inside out. Press.

Pin to your background fabric and using thread the same color as your leaf fabric, make tiny stitches to secure it.

The stitch you use to secure your appliqué piece is like a blind hem stitch, but much smaller than you would use for hemming your trousers. Bring your needle up through the background fabric and just barely catch the folded edge of your appliqué, then straight down or slightly underneath the appliqué and up through the edge again.

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