Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Found Doggy Update

Some of my followers are also friends/followers on other sites too so some may know we found a dog in our driveway on Saturday morning. We called her "Cleo" for lack of any other name. Her tags didn't tell us her name. We tried for days to contact the number on her rabies tag without any luck until yesterday evening. The vet returned our call this morning and confirmed she left a message for the owners on file to contact her or us directly. This beautiful pup's name is Cherokee. She is a GREAT dog too. We will miss her terribly already but we're sure her owners miss her even more. We may be neighbors so maybe we can visit on our doggy walks now and then. I'll post an update after we hear from her owners. I hope they call soon, she seems to miss someone.


Lil' Bit Sassy said...

Happy to hear you found her owners. At least you gave her a good home in the meantime :)

Jackie said...

She is just gorgeous! I'm sure the owners will be very thankful you had the conviction to bring her into your home and take care of her. It could have been a completely different outcome for Cherokee.

trusk4u said...

I'm happy to hear you found her people and I'm sure they will be thrilled to bits to get her back! She is one gorgeous dog! Give her a pat on the head or a tummy rub from me!