Monday, December 22, 2008

Can we postpone Christmas a few days?

I am never going to be ready for Christmas this year it seems. I was on a roll yesterday finishing up and making a few more Christmas gifts when....BAM....the power went out. Not just a few hours either, but 12 hours! This, of course, after I did all the holiday food shopping.

Good and bad news is that is was down right cold here in SC last night. Good because my refrig seemed to stay cold enough that the ice in the freezer didn't even melt. Bad because we were COLD! We all just bundled up after the fire died down in the fireplace and we piled every blanket we had on the bed and the boys grabbed sleeping bags and comforters. The power finally came back on at 4:00 a.m.; so much for their promised 7:00 last night.

So, the last minute gifts to be mailed today will be late. I can still manage to get the local gifts finished though tonight.....all fingers crosses. :-)

Next year I start my holiday shopping/gift making in JULY!!! HA, right, famous last words.

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