Friday, December 12, 2008

Quilting & Kitten vs. Tree Update

I am down to my last row of hand quilting for a custom order quilt. I am "sew" excited because "Santa" brought me a new sewing machine to replace one that is broken and I can't wait to tear it open to sew the binding on this quilt. It's just sitting under the tree staring at me. LOL

My old workhorse cabinet machine is still humming like a dream but I am missing the portability of the broken one AND it would have most likely been able to machine quilt this last order. Oh well....what's done is done.

Speaking of Christmas tree above, the kitten only got sprayed once all day yesterday. She didn't actually jump into the tree this time, she was just swatting at an ornament. We made her a little box house for her to play in and she is loving it. Just don't walk by it too closely.....little white paws pop out and grab your ankles.

Ok, it's Friday, my vacation is over and back to work - but it's a 1/2 day so YAHOOOO! Have a wonderful day!

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