Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Elves on Strike?

My poor boys were all confused and worried this morning. As I rushed them out the door for their last day of school before Christmas break, they mentioned only 5 more days until Christmas. WHAT?!

I looked at my dh and started rambling about how Santa really needed to get those elves in gear and end their strike. The gifts need to be done and wrapped and packed in that sleigh soon! And don't even get me started on Mrs. Claus.....

My poor youngest (he's 7) looked up at me with watery eyes and asked if the elves really did go on strike and is Mrs. Claus really mad? Oh I felt terrible. I then had to assure him that the elves would get their work done and not to worry and had to shove him out the door so he wouldn't be late for school. WHEW!

I guess Santa and Mrs. Claus better get their butts in gear this weekend, huh?!