Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Diaper Bags & Totes - WIP's

I am trying a new strategy with my sewing/quilting. Rather than making something from start to finish, I cut out several bags at once, then got the outer shells all sewn together last night. Tonight I hope to quilt them all or atleast a few. Then focus on the linings, straps, pockets in another step.

Sure hope this works out for me.

Here's a few WIP pics of what I did last night...3 of them still need the top border but again, they are WIP's!. :-)


Bebesboutique said...

When I need to get a bunch of purses or totes done quickly to add to inventory for a craft show or to replace on ebay I would pick out my fabrics for 3 or 4 projects and cut out everything at once then Clear everything out of the way it was so much easyer to sew that way. I would make all my straps at one time then make each purse one at a time. It helped me since I had such a small place to work so I wasn't haveing to move things out of the way to cut more fabric. Go for it Girl!

Jackie said...

You've got a production line going! It makes more sense as it seems like you'd be able to get everything done more quickly. You just either get it all done or none of it!

Jeri said...

They look great!! Love your color combos.