Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sewing Room "Disaster"

Well, I am once again cleaning up and reorganzing my sewing room. I have a rack of plastic shelving in the corner that held all my bolts and some boxes. I moved all of that into the large hall linen closet. I was hoping to be able to remove those shelves but no such luck. I reorganized my pre-cut squares (personal stash) into plastic bins and put those on the shelves. Once I clear out the closet in the sewing room, I bet those shelves will fit in there nice and neat.

Here is a work in progress pic of just a view from the doorway:

My "new" organized fabric squares & remnants, etc.

Made more space in the china cabinet storage too, still refolding fab to stuff in there.

And last but not least; my new closet - still rolling bolts to stuff in there too.


quiltsbylee said...

I have been cleaning mine too. Should have taken some before pictures. Still looks pretty bad but making head way.

SugarBooger said...

It must be something in the air .... I'm cleaning mine too! Well actually, cleaning and moving. I swapped rooms with my daughter. This gave me the opportunity to make sure everything has it's place. It also made me realize I have way too much fabric ... wait, one can never have too much fabric right? LOL

RagamuffinQuilts said...

SugarBooger, one can NEVER have too much fabric. LOL I thought the same thing as I cleaned and moved stuff all day.

Just when I thought I was making my way through it all, I decided to clean out the closet and put the plastic shelving in there. So now I can hardly walk through the room BUT I have an empty corner now. :-)

sewmeow said...

Looks great, so far! Such energy you must have! You can come & do mine when you are finished with yours.

Jeri said...

You will be so organized, I am jealous! Ha ha