Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scrappy Baskets Quilt Block

I really love scrappy and found this wonderful free pattern from Janet Wickell. Click on the link for full detailed pattern instructions.

Scrappy Baskets from www.scrapquilts.com

15" Finished Quilt Block

Quick pieced half square triangle units make up the majority of this scrappy basket quilt block, with rectangles and single triangles mixed in here and there.

The block goes together easily when you use quick piecing techniques. Follow the instructions to make two scrappy quilt blocks. Repeat to make the total number required for your quilt.

Instructions and Graphics
©Janet Wickell, 2000-2006


Grandma Barbara said...

Pretty block!!

quiltsbylee said...

Oh great, now I have another block stuck in my head....lol

Bebesboutique said...

Thanks for sharing that link. It looks pretty easy. and such a large block makeing a quilt would go fast.