Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Free Motion Quilting Project

I was experimenting last night & decided to try my first free motion quilting project. It's a potholder that turned out to be a disaster but hey, it's for me and I really need new potholders anyway! LOL

I did learn a few things though with the darning foot....let the machine control the stitches & don't pull too hard or the back threads are LOOSE. I didn't take a photo of the back. It was fun & something I plan to keep it up. :-) I also need to work on my "movement". I felt more comfortable with a figure 8 movement than anything else so that might become my "signature" free motion quilting design.

The binding was another story, I used the premade bias tape and I've not used it a long time. It didn't want to work with me last night either. We all have those days I suppose so I'm not too upset about it.

This is a nice LARGE pot holder too, measuring about 10.5" square.


~ Mel ~ said...

Oh how cute!! I've been wanting to switch to cloth napkins for some time, and this looks like a project I could actually do myself! :)

Sue said...

The only way to learn anything is to try. To do. To experiment. And. Beginnings and first tries can be rough. I like things that are not quite perfect because I like to see where I was in my skills at various times. I like to see the progression from timid first try to bold confidence later. So, congratulations on the first of many. It's gorgeous just like you!

Boltz Raggedies said...

I upgraded 2 a new machine that has the free motion quilting feature JUST for that! That was 2 mos ago, it's STILL in the box I'm scared lol. So, I'm still using the machine I already had!!!
Kudos to you for being braver than me! Quite honestly, I think it turned out FABULOUS!! =]

FabricsNQuilts said...

Good Job! Everyone has a design with which they are most comfortable. Once you feel you have mastered it, you will feel more comfortable combining that "move" with another & then that new move with another :) Stick with it; practice does matter!