Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Sewing Table

I got tired of moving my portable sewing machine off the cutting table every time I had fabrics to cut. I have a wonderful cabinet machine but I hate to be locked away in the sewing room upstairs while the family is downstairs. I talked to my hubby and we decided to make me a little nook in the corner of the dining room.

My hubby was so nice and made me a new sewing table on Friday night. It's nothing fancy but he said he will add drawers & shelves later if I want them. This was just a quick project with wood we had in the garage.

The legs are 4" x 4" posts; nice and sturdy! The table top is 50 year weatherproof wood, I think we'll be good there. LOL The top is a bit rough so I grabbed a handy tablecloth to place over it for now. Ok, it's a Christmas tablecloth but I'll make a new one.....eventually. :-)

Now, the trick is to keep my projects organized and not bring them ALL down at once to pile up on this table. We'll see how well that works. LOL

Oh, almost forgot, another great feature is that I can iron right on this table too! No need to drag the ironing board downstairs either! YAY!!


Grandma Barbara said...

Cool table!! Cool hubby!! He gets extra points for this one!

~ Mel ~ said...

So jealous! I just told hubby last night that he should make me a sewing table. ;)