Thursday, February 19, 2009

Calling All Knitters & Crocheters

I have an idea for a project bag to carry all of our yarns, needles, etc. that would incorporate my quilting skills as well.

I would love some input from other "yarners" to see what you like to have handy on a project tote. For examples, pockets for circulars, straight or hooks, one large center pocket for yarns or divided sections for each skein, inside AND outside pockets, etc.

Do you have a preference in the size of the tote you like to carry?

Or do you use different sizes, depending on the project?

Would you like your bags monogrammed or personalized?

Do you like to have a removable pouch for your accessories?

I personally use different sizes, sure don't need a large tote to carry a sock project around.

The fun part about my bag is you would be able to select your own fabrics/prints and not just have to settle for those mass-produced commercial bags.

Ok, I can't wait to see your comments!

1 comment:

Fiber Deviant said...

oh... this sounds exciting!

for my input:

i use different kinds of bags for different projects.

i would love a large one to store and organize all of my tools ... with lots of pockets for hooks... with long pockets for afghan hooks and nostepinnes... and pockets for row counters and needle gauges and other notions

i also like "project" bags... i love the idea of the holes to keep yarns tangle-free... genius!

cant wait to see what you do!