Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Crafting Update

I had a 2 socks at once, toe up knitting class all day Saturday. It was lots of fun and I met some really nice ladies. It was nice to hang out with girls all day for a change and not come home smelling like fish and/or bait. LOL

I didn't get any sewing done, shame on me. I have 3 quilts that need to be finished and picked up 2 possible custom orders from Craigslist on Saturday night. YAY for that but when will I get it all done while I make my hubby his socks?! Humpf. Looks like he will be pushed to the back burner yet again. One of the quilts is for him too. Poor fella has been waiting for 15 years - he deserves one!

We had a great day at home yesterday with the boys and the pups. We all hung outside in the back yard soaking up what warm sunshine we could get.

Hopefully tonight will be a more productive night in the crafting department. :-)


Bebesboutique said...

LOL! My poor husband keeps getting pushed to the back burner too. I made two differnt quilts for my sil and ended up selling them. So for christmas I made him one with his name on it so I couldn't sell it. Think I will have to do the same for hubby.

Missy said...

Our Poor husbands. So patient, usually, loving and understanding. There was a reason we married them right, accept for their good looks?

At least your doing something though right. I am a little burnt out on sewing right now. Give me a couple of days off, I will be right back to it.