Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Sock Toes

Ok, I finally have enough done on my first pair of knit socks to share a few pics. These are just the toes. I need to add a few more rows then work on the foot part. They are for my hubby and he has a pretty wide foot. They are working up much faster than I had thought socks would and the fact that I am making both socks at once.....well, I just couldn't be happier! LOL

On my next pair I may cut the yarn so it's at a similar starting point. As you can see below, each sock has a different colored toe but it's ok, they are my "crazy" socks.

Sock 1
Sock 1

Sock 2
Sock 2

My pile of yarn
Sock Yarn


Grandma Barbara said...

So pretty!!!

Ashlawnfarms Rag Quilt Creations said...

Hey those are going to be so cool!

Bebesboutique said...

Very nice! I can't knit.

FabricsNQuilts said...

I like the crazy toes! Who will know but you & DH anyway!

Great job!