Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Visit

We had a short notice family visit from the in-laws and sister-in-law this past weekend. It was a nice visit, however, our oldest has the flu and was not able to visit much at all or even get up for any photo ops.

We've not seen any of them for atleast 3 years so it was a nice surprise. MIL made tamales for us that are super yummy. I've got to finish make some but we ran out of cheese...bummer.

My fil told our oldest to make sure he's feeling better on their next visit so they can go outside and shoot some hoops in their new basketball hoop.

Here's a couple of pics minus one child. We'll make up for it on the next visit.


Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

After reading your profile we both would love to stay home--we have that in common. I'd like my writing to support me from home. I hope your crafts will make that happen for you, too. Your quilts look beautiful!

FabricsNQuilts said...

What a beautiful family! So sad your oldest missed out. I bet that was rough for him. Hope he snaps back soon.

Great pics!