Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 4 of Daisy & Lily

The poor pups had to sleep in the garage last night. We finally got some much needed rain and they decided to go run and tumble in it along with all that SC red clay right about bedtime. They did ok, we didn't hear them bark at all.

First thing this a.m., hubby let them in and straight upstairs and onto our bed they ran. Good thing they were dry.

I'm really glad that Lily is coming out of her shell a bit. She was a bit shy the first day or so and that worried me with having small kids at home. We're an active bunch and can't have a dog that is spooked with every tiny noise. But she is past that phase already - whew!

Daisy has learned her name already but that is probably because she hears it so much. LOL She's a bit of a rule breaker and likes to push buttons but also a very lovey pup. She likes to stand up and give me hugs already. Hope we can get a pic of that soon to show here.

Well, busy day at work, better get back to it.

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