Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Night 2 with Daisy & Lily

The girls are taking me back to the baby stage of the boys. You know, the up in the middle of the night. Only problem is, instead of crying because they are hungry or wet, they want to PLAY.

Not only play but play on MY bed. Guess tonight we'll go running before bed, that should wear them out a bit, I hope. If I ever want to sleep through the night again within the next year, I'll just have to sacrifice the warm cozy sofa for a pair of running shoes. LOL

From Daisy & Lily

From Daisy & Lily


FabricsNQuilts said...

I always found that keeping them awake as much as possible during the day...all day...helped with getting them to sleep through the night.

Puppies....*sigh* I love puppies. Do they still have puppy breath?

Fiber Deviant said...

oh.... the new doggies are just too lovely! how cute!

and how brave you are! they are going to be GINORMOUS!!!

my mini poodle, Jubal, and my younger son's "mutt", Gabriel are both rescued dogs.

i had never gotten rescue animals before... but i will probably never buy a doggie companion from a breeder again... there are just too many unloved animals around.

i hope they settle down at nights soon... that can be agravating! i agree... taking them walking/running at night may help.

dogs are funny... Jubal thinks he is supposed to sleep between me and Sugar Daddy every night! and most nights he does! it is almost just like having young kids around again... lol